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Baby Girl by Paris-the-Platypus Baby Girl :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 33 43 WIP by Paris-the-Platypus WIP :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 4 39 Invitation of a Lifted Weight by Paris-the-Platypus Invitation of a Lifted Weight :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 33 49
Blast from the Past
Spitfire couldn't believe her ears.
Soarin tucked his head in and pinned his ears. He quickly glanced at Rainbow who stared back at him. He could tell she was searching from an answer. He closed his eyes before they could betray him and followed Spitfire out of pony union.
As soon as both team leaders entered the safety of Spitfires office, she let him have it.
“I’m so sorry Spit! I-”
“I TOLD U TO CONFRONT HER!!!! Not LIE to her!!!!”
“Well, technically… it's not a lie…”
Spitfire turned towards Soaring then.
“Are you using our relationship as an escape from whatever the hell you are with Crash?!”
Soaring winced.
He and Spitfire did indeed have a relationship together. It was a very serious relationship and would have probably succeeded in continuing that way. However, Spitfire was young and very susceptible to the stress
:iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 3 4
Neko-Rina's MYO: LOLIMALS by Paris-the-Platypus Neko-Rina's MYO: LOLIMALS :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 9 19 Deeper Deduction by Paris-the-Platypus Deeper Deduction :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 17 34 Buoyant Feelings by Paris-the-Platypus Buoyant Feelings :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 18 2 Denial by Paris-the-Platypus Denial :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 74 53
Past Mistakes
Soarin was beat. He was both physically and emotionally drained no thanks to any other pony than Captain Spitfire herself. Still, he couldn't stop thinking about how his actions were impacting his favorite mare. He wanted to apologize for making her feel so uncomfortable. No. Spitfire said she was worried. How could he explain himself to Rainbow Dash if he couldn't even word how he felt for her with Spitfire?
Before he even noticed, he was in front of his bedroom. However, across his door happened to be hers. He wanted to check on her and see how she was holding up. As he was about to knock, he could hear her snoring and that meant the world no longer existed for her. He smiled a knowing smile before retreating to his own room and let sleep overtake him. He could find a solution to his problem tomorrow, right?
How his body ached.
His wings hurt! He couldn't even move! Everything was sore! Ugh!!! He was going to kill Spitfire.
He tried rolling over into a more comfor
:iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 7 9
Fearless Love by Paris-the-Platypus Fearless Love :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 46 13 First Love by Paris-the-Platypus First Love :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 49 22 Thank you!!! XD by Paris-the-Platypus Thank you!!! XD :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 19 9 Pregnancy Sketchdump by Paris-the-Platypus Pregnancy Sketchdump :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 12 71 Baby #1 by Paris-the-Platypus Baby #1 :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 10 5 Besties by Paris-the-Platypus Besties :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 23 9 Pony Line-Up by Paris-the-Platypus Pony Line-Up :iconparis-the-platypus:Paris-the-Platypus 26 11


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Baby Girl
I was actually going to upload this on my stash, but I promised you guys an update a few weeks back and never did. That was very unfair of me. I am actually very unhappy with a lot of things in this drawing, but I am going back to rework it. I also found a new coloring style that I am a little more appreciative off and a few other techniques I want to explore. I am officially done with this semester of school, so I will have a little more time, but I will still be working on my senior project. Maybe I can write you guys the next chapter of --> paris-the-platypus.deviantart.…. As a way to make up for the lack of presence on my DA. Or, I can also upload a doodle dump that's just been sitting there. Let me know which one you guys want. "Both" wont count because that way, you guys aren't left waiting for the promises I never keep. 

But yes. I just got home from a beautiful trip to visit family in Texas, and I enjoyed and really needed that vacation. I have rediscovered my love for soarindash again and I want to uplaod a few doodles here and there of the other mane six. For now though, one step at a time. XD

How has your vacation been? Are some of you still in school? I send you my prayers if you are! Hang in there!!!!

Ponies don't belong to me! 

(ALSO!!!CANYOUGUYSTELLWHATSGOINGONINTHISPIC!?!?!?!Imean,thetitlegivesitallaway,andnormally,Ineverlikeleavingobviouscluesaboutmystoriesbuthonestly!YOUGUYSDESERVEITFORPUTTINGUPWITHME!Iamverygratefulsomeofyouarestillaround.Iwillslowlymakeituptoyou! Heart )

EDIT: I don't know if I will post the reworked one in a submission or a doodle dump. Opinions?
EDIT: I WILL STILL BE TAKING COMMENTS, NOTES, AND REPLIES! I don't want to stop answering. And I'm not just leaving. I check DA everyday-ish, so I'm always around. Please feel free to reach me, it's most likely I will always reply. Sorry for not making that clear! 

Good morning guys! XD (IT'S1:19AM!!!!DX) Anyways, I thought I should let you know that although I have advanced at a speed Im very proud of for this drawing, I will most likely not post it today (Monday.) I didn't really explain myself very well when I uploaded the WIP, but my weekends run through until Monday. I have a lot of work to complete, mostly because I was doing this instead of ANY of the homework I was assigned this break. :sigh: Anyways, I will upload it, most likely this upcoming weekend if I have no big projects. If I can't, I'll upload a small update, but I probably won't reveal any big elements. X)

Anyways, FROM THIS POINT FORWARD CONSIDER ME ON HIATUS! I am officially going to announce this is my final year in uni, and I have a very huge project load I MUST complete by the (HOPEFULLY) beginning of May come next year. I understand you're all most likely very disappointed, but I feel awful just saying I'm on hiatus for no apparent reason. I am by no means comfortable putting this out there, the project is very important for me, both grade-wise and personal-wise. I understand I may lose a few friends, I just don't want to disappoint anyone anymore. If I manage to escape the stress, maybe a doodle here and there will be uploaded surprisingly. X) I won't leave you guys hanging. The confession, a few fluffies, the wedding, and their next gen are things I want to get done for the Soarindash in my gallery. Maybe an AU! XD I also want to tap into the other mane 6 because, c'mon, that doesn't just NOT get awknowledged. 

That's a very heavy workload, what I have planned for you guys, but I want to tackle it. Be warned: It will most likely not go in this order and will most likely not ALL be completed. I am grateful for your patience and support. You will all be rewarded for your patience. (IWILLMOSTLIKELYBEKILLEDIFIGOINTHISDIRECTION!XD) I love you all! Hugs!!!! XD 


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